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MAY 2017


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  • LIA E-app - details HERE
  • A burger without fries and a cola is like Life Insurance without CI & DI!  Don’t leave your clients with partial protection – cover their risks with Life, CI & DI all in one app, with one signature and one payment – kind of like a Happy Meal - details HERE
  • LIA Q&A - sales platform LIA
  • Are your clients at risk? Don’t leave gaps in their coverage. Simple solution:  1 application, 3 products, only 15 questions - details HERE
  • What's up Assumption Life - latest issue HERE



  • Put your clients tax refund to work with CI - details HERE
  • 5 great reasons to choose BMO  Insurance for your next UL sale - more HERE
  • 7 great reasons to choose BMO Insurance for your next CI sale - more HERE
  • Start the conversation TODAY … Estate Planning from BMO Insurance - more HERE

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  • High-end, Simplified issue disability insurance - details HERE


- Investors win as traditional advice goes up against digital
expected to launch in May
Will insurance costs rise dramatically if anti-genetic discrimination bill becomes law?
- The 2017 Federal Budget Summary is now available
- The 2017 Financial Services Business Value Index

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  • New.Business.Now E-app - details HERE   New Business Now Policies are processed 1/3 faster -  details HERE
  • Bill S-201: An Act to prohibit and prevent genetic discrimination will come into effect early April 2017. This new law contains penalties for non-compliance, including fines of up to $1 million and/or imprisonment for up to five years. The Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association (CLHIA) has indicated it is reviewing the impact this Bill is expected to have on consumers and is considering its options in light of Parliament’s decision. Until the new Act takes effect, we’ll continue to adhere to the longstanding Industry Code on Genetic Testing Information for Insurance Underwriting, which has been in effect since the early 1980s. Compliance requires that an insurer not ask a proposed insured to undergo genetic testing.  
    You may receive questions about what these changes will mean for your clients, you may send them to   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Disability and critical illness insurance product overview brochure updated - details HERE
  • Advanced Sales Article – The capital dividend account - more HERE
  • Share this site with your clients, they will uncover the facts! Watch this compelling video

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  • Simplified Accident Insurance is a unique product with a simple application form and no medical exam - details HERE
  • LaCapture Capitale Disability Insurance Sales Campaign - details HERE
  • Family 20-year fixed term insurance - details HERE
    Features include: Renewable as 10-year term to age 85  |  Convertible up to age 70  |  Total Loss of Autonomy Benefit  |  Dissociation provision  |  Complete range of riders available


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  • Check out the Term 30 “sweet spots” HERE
  • More competitive rates watch the video
  • New Term Rates coming in May - find out how these new rates can help you get to Montego Bay - details HERE


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  • Reduction in QC premiuim Tax -  Update March 29, 2017 : The Quebec Minister of Finance tabled the 2017 budget, wherein the premium tax for Quebec residents is extended. As a result, the reduction stated below will be postponed to April 1, 2022 - details HERE



  • Register to use the eApp by calling 1.800.646.1481
  • VIDEO Telus Insure app  -  click HERE Easier to use, more efficient and intuitive interface  |  Works on all devices, including tablets and iPad  |  A faster signature process,  allows for digital signatures on the pages required





  • E-application - details HERE
  • Rate changes and product enhancements on Flexcare® and Association Health & Dental plans - details HERE
  • Lifecheque Basic Critical Illness – Easy Acceptance - details HERE
  • Introducing Manulife Vitality - Live Health. Earn Rewards. Save Money.  details HERE |  Watch the video HERE


  • Revised: CLHIA Reference Document - get it  HERE
  • Changes to the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Regulations - details HERE
  • NEW: Advisor Disclosure  - please destroy previous copies and use the one on our compliance page.
  • The MANDATORY COMPLIANCE course offered by the Chambre is now availabe (French only) details HERE



  • New funds now available in BMO GIF 100/100 - Read more

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  • Update: New Sales of Generations (Core I and II) Seg Funds to end March 17, 2017 - details HERE
  • The power of compound interest and why “save early, save often” is a great strategy for long-term investment goals
    watch the video HERE.

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  • Insight May 3
  • Insight April 19
  • Investment Illustrator has been updated featuring Class Plus 2.1.Version 2.6 of the illustrator is now available. Details HERE
  • Emblem GIF Portfolios deliver tactical asset management, transparency and downside protection. Discover how Emblem brings together the art and science of investing. details HERE

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  • End of Transfer Fee Reimbursement Program - details HERE

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  • Mutual fund and segregated fund have been streamlined to offer and introduce four new portfolios designed to help investors achieve their investment goals. Please see the highlights on Repsource. Read more
  • Manulife Investments announces the launch of Manulife Exchange-Traded Funds - more HERE
  • Did you know? Clients can make a lump sum contribution before closing their RRSP, in the year they turn 71, and the deduction can be used in any future year, whenever it is most beneficial for reducing taxable earnings. Log in Repsource for more details 


  • Changes to Investment Products and Services - details HERE
  • Addition of death benefit payment option - details HERE
  • Changes to Investment Products- details HERE
                                                                                       Check out the Copoloff Calendar HERE 


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